all images copyright Irmak Dönmez

  1. Oedipus’s Birthday Cake, Biggest: 45x56x20 cm. Medium: 27x38x13 cm. Little: 15x20x9 cm. porcelain (Audrey Blackman), 2021.

    Produced for Kunsthalle Mannheim’s “Mother” exhibition, has been added to Kunthalle Mannheim’s permanent ceramics collection.       

  2. "Milky" (from the Oedipus's Cake series), ceramic sculpture, 2021

  3. Oedipus’s Birthday Cake, 25x25x25 cm, ceramics, 2018

  4. Human milk for cows, readymade/clay, 23x7 cm, 2018.

  5. Saga, 43x30cm, ceramics, 2018

  6. Laura Palmer, 26x26cm, ceramics, 2018